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What is it FileShare?

PHP Open FileShare (PHPOFS) - is a script written on PHP and it use MySQL as database. With this script you can create you own file sharing server to share any files across LAN or Internet

Purpose of PHPOFS

This script allow to you create file share server over LAN or Internet. In fact this is free alternative to file sharing servers like RapidShare, MegaUpload and e.t.c.

PHPOFS functionality

  • You can upload files of any size or a permitted type. Only one restriction can be applied by you server or PHP setting for upload and download file size.
  • You can delete file any time by using you delete link
  • Administrator may set time before next upload or download from same IP
  • Administrator can delete any file at any time using Administrative Panel
  • Administrator can ban user by IP at any time using Administrative Panel
  • PHPOFS restrictions

    PHPOFS miss some features that have server like RapidShare:
  • No registration
  • No Premuim users
  • No restrictions by speed or by IP or by Country

  • Al this features needs only if you wanna make money so it takes looong time when this features was added.

    Download PHPOFS

    You can download PHPOFS from project site


    Also you can get code from SVN at project SVN


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